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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Book Review for The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson

The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson is a gripping read. This forensic mystery story will hook readers and keep them reading until the end. This book has a cast of characters that are easy to connect with and dramatic plot full of twists. Those things and more makes this book worth reading. Anyone that likes a good mystery novel or someone that is interested in forensic science will enjoy this book as it gives insight on the life of a coroner. The story is filled with tragedy and some romance and a bit of a Sci-Fi twist. This book is worth reading.

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  1. If anyone like TV shows like CSI or Numbers or Law and Order, this sounds like a great book to read. Have you read any other "crime novels"? If so, what do you suggest? I liked a non-fiction book called Stiff. It was an interesting insight into forensic science.